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Honda Y-E-S Award Cambodia

The Y-E-S Award Cambodia program is designed to be a unique, two-stage grant system.

For the initial year, accepting applications will start as early as June from students enrolled at one of the affiliated universities. Each year, including 2008, the maximum possible number of the Y-E-S Award Cambodia recipients will be announced before the application process starts. However, there will be no specific allocation set for each affiliated school. Also, there will be no ceiling on the number of applications to be accepted at each school.
After due selection process, the most brilliant applicants will be awarded the first-stage Y-E-S Award. As the Y-E-S Award recipients, they will be qualified for the Y-E-S Award Plus if certain conditions are met.

Stage I: The Y-E-S Award

  • Applications are accepted and considered once per annum. Applicants must be a science and technology undergraduate at one of the affiliated universities.

  • Applications are processed through the four committees from different organizations: (1) the affiliated universities, (2) the Y-E-S Administration Office Cambodia (“YAO Cambodia”), (3) the Y-E-S Award Selection Committee Cambodia (“ASC Cambodia”), and (4) the Honda Foundation International Committee (“HIC”) in Tokyo:

    • Each affiliated university will nominate top 10 students based on their official academic records to the YAO Cambodia. Then, ASC Cambodia selects candidates by (1) written essay and (2) face-to-face interview. *Note: Students with outstanding work and/or an excellent interim report on research paper are also considered.

    • The office of YAO Cambodia and the ASC Cambodia is in the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (“CJCC”).

    • The ASC Cambodia reports its shortlist to the HIC for approval. Finally, HOF and YAO Cambodia will review each final candidate and decide the final awardees for each such year.

    • The Y-E-S Award recipients will be awarded a grant of 3,000 US dollars with a certificate at the awarding ceremony. They will be eligible to apply for the Y-E-S Award Plus.

Stage II: Y-E-S Award Plus

  • A Y-E-S Award recipient is eligible to receive for the Y-E-S Award Plus, an additional money award worth 10,000 US dollars if his/her postgraduate study such as master or doctoral course at universities in Japan for more than one (1) year, subject to (i) the application by the awardee within two (2) years after their graduation from universities, (ii) admission for enrollment from such universities and (iii) actual participation therein.

  • If a given Y-E-S recipient has already been admitted to one of the designated graduate school in Japan, he/she will also be eligible for the Y-E-S Award Plus.
  • There will be no selection process for the Y-E-S Award Plus. Any Y-E-S Award recipient who meets the conditions above can receive it.

  • Use of this monetary prize is not restricted, but the fund must be returned if the recipient fails to attend his/her admitted Japanese graduate school.

  • The Y-E-S Award Plus is not an independent program, but a constituent part of the Honda Y-E-S Award program.

A maximum of four students from:

  • The Faculty of Science, Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)
  • The Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)
  • The Faculty of Agricultural Technology & Management, and The Faculty of Agro-Industry, Royal University of Agriculture (RUA)