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Honda Y-E-S Award Cambodia

  • Each year, a list of the designated graduate schools in Japan will be supplied prior to the application process. This list is for the entire Y-E-S Award programs, including those conducted in Vietnam India and Lao.

  • The Y-E-S Award Plus recipients may choose a major (discipline) other than the one they pursues at their home university, but are responsible to obtain admission from the graduate school they apply for.

  • At the request of any Y-E-S Award Plus recipient, the HOF and other affiliate organizations will provide detailed information about designated graduate schools or write a letter of recommendation for him/her. However, the HOF will not provide further support after his/her enrollment.

  • During their stay in Japan, the Y-E-S Award Plus recipients may be invited to join the HOF’s social events (cultural exchanges) and the Honda Prize awarding ceremonies.

Interested in Study in Japan?
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