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Honda Y-E-S Award Cambodia

The HIC already exists in Tokyo and supervises the entire Y-E-S Award programs. It consists of part of the HOF directors and councilors.

Each year, the HIC assumes the following tasks: (1) designating or changing designated graduate schools in Japan (which accept the Y-E-S Award Plus recipients); (2) deciding the theme of essay based on choices recommended by the ASC in each beneficiary country; and (3) selecting the Y-E-S Award recipients from the shortlists reported by the ASC in each beneficiary country.

The YAO Cambodia will be set up in the CJCC as the administration office for the Y-E-S Award Cambodia. Appointed from the CJCC staff, the YAO administrator will be responsible for (1) facilitating coordination between the Cambodian universities and the HIC; (2) recording Y-E-S Award candidates; (3) setting up award selection meetings; (4) arranging award ceremonies; and (5) providing any other necessary tasks to facilitate the operation of the Y-E-S Award program.

The ASC Cambodia will consist of four to five members, including an external Cambodian knowledgeable person, a representative from each affiliated university, and a representative from the CJCC. The ASC Cambodia will be responsible to screen and shortlist applications and report its shortlist to the HIC